Plaid Hooded Shirt


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Distinguished guests,

(1) At present, there are many imitations of our products on the market, which may have similar appearance, but the sewing and material are rough, please pay attention to them.
Our company only sells quality products. This is our business philosophy. In addition, warn copycats: styles can be copied, but materials can not be replaced, don’t let “smart” destroy the reputation.

(2) If you buy two or more items in Elppa store at one time, you can enjoy a discount of 5% on the current price. This is because the logistics of one parcel can save logistics costs and customs taxes.The operation method is: please put the selected goods into the shopping cart, and then click “pay” at the same time, but at this time, please do not pay, we will modify the order price after seeing the order produced, the customer can pay after seeing the order modified amount.

(3) Don’t forget to pick up our store coupons and don’t miss out on the benefit.

(4) All items for sale are in stock and we promise to deliver within 72 hours from receipt of order. According to past experience, under normal circumstances, the average logistics time in the world takes about 16 days from the start of our delivery to the time when the buyer can receive the goods.

(5) If you have more questions, please feel free to consult us at any time. Although we may not be able to reply immediately due to the time difference, we will reply to your questions as soon as possible during our working hours.

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